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([personal profile] lilgryphon Jun. 28th, 2009 03:21 am)

I’ve been feeling a bit out of it the last couple days and I’m hoping taking the time to just write it out will help me start things fresh tomorrow. I think part of the problem is I’ve just got so many damn projects going at once and the other part is I haven’t really had the urge to work on the next chapter of TE.


With TE the biggest problem I’m facing is how to go into the next chapter. I’ve tried a couple different angles and I’m just not happy with either of them. It’s frustrating me and I just keep putting it on the back burner even though I don’t really want to. This is the one that makes the story turn, the one that I feel like I need to just get done and things will start to flow so much better. The second half is already written, but the beginning, ugh. *head desk* I can’t even blame Cassandra for this one.


When I started with the rewrite things were going so much easier, but I have to remind myself that most of it had already been redone two or three times previously. Now I’ve branched off into a territory where what was there originally was crap and filler. I’m trying to make it interesting, say what I need to and get out so that we can move on.


Yesterday I was able to at least get somewhere with Frayed Bonds, but today I got out of the house (which was great) and managed to blow the rest of the night when I got home. I accomplished nothing today, absolutely nothing. Things have got to pick up soon, I haven’t even looked at Jack/Shawn in over a week and they normally cheer me…

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