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Things really aren't picking up for me over here. I have projects coming out of my ears and I'm getting nowhere with them. It isn't exactly writer's block, I've got plenty of ideas, but once I try to get them down on paper nothing wants to come out and what does is a big mess of ramblings. Worse, I don't even have the motivation to work on anything.

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*huge glomp-hugs* I hate those times where you just can't get anywhere, where everything you write either sucks or isn't quite what you want to be writing - it's so frustrating! But it's only temporary, because you're an awesome writer, and soon everything will kick into gear, I promise.

In the meantime - you know what all this means, don't you? Time to stop trying, put all those ideas aside for the moment, and write something totally stupid, irrelevant, unimportant and fun for yours truly.

So I present you my challenge - 48 hours, 500 words (or more if you're feeling really enthusiastic, LOL), all disregard for canon, timelines, plots and the zero probability for this episode actually occurring, the zanier the better.

Characters: Bryan and Gerrod
Location: Decrepit old tavern in a backwater village
Objects: Spiders (please note emphasis on plural, thanks!), lemon juice, marbles
Starting sentence: The man at the bar stank of wet cat...

You may slash or not slash to your heart's content. Remember, not canon, just fun.

(If you don't issue me a challenge in return I will be extremely disapointed.)

*settles back on desk chair, smirking evilly*

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I absolutely love this, you made me crack up just reading it. I'm going to try and get it written tomorrow and come up with one for you in return. I'm flying out to Pittsburgh to visit my sister, though, so I might not be online for a few days. I'll see what I can do to meet your 24 hr mark.

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Since that was my intention, good! ;D

Honest to goodness, I wish I'd had someone to throw something crazy at me all the times I've been in a writing funk. So I had to oblige, of course.

I think since you're on holidays you can pretty much throw the timelimit out the window, LOL! I don't care about that! My point was just to make sure it's not something that's polished or rewritten ... just fun and ridiculous. However it emerges.

Seriously, I'm dying to know how you work in the spiders, the lemon juice and the marbles. I have some ideas of my own, of course, all of them insane! But I can wait, because I know it will be worth it.

*grins, settles back in an armchair, and squishes a spider*

Oh, one day, I've got to post something for you. It's no longer particularly canon, since Lash's story has changed a lot, but it could be with some tweaking, if I decide it's not too ridiculous to stand. (Because it is ridiculous.) It happens to involve a spider or several, and a shitted-off Irai shooting said spiders with a super-advanced molecular disruptor weapon stolen from the enemy ... and leaving holes in the floor of a rented inn room...

(See, I said it was ridiculous...)

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I've actually got most of this written. I managed it on the plane but haven't had a chance to finish since I got here. I'm sure I won't be able to type it until I get home. I do have your challenge, however.

Characters: Sorano and Sesha
Location: Bar with karaoke
Objects: Spiders (just because), teddy bear, beer in either boys hand
Starting sentence: "Remind me how we got here..."

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I want to have your e-babies, you know that? ;)

(You couldn't know, but Sesha, Rerja and Sorano often used to parody pop love songs when they were high on something. I can make this pretty damn close to canon, actually, which says a lot for the crazy places my brain lurks in...)

That said, I can have so much fun with this.

(BTW, from the word 'boy', I'm assuming this is university Sorano and Sesha, which makes it even more fun. Or at least that's what I'm going to write.)

Hooray, something fun to keep me entertained while waiting for yours! Now you go and have loads more fun on your holiday, okay?

*toddles off, chuckling evilly*

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I need to get a life, but I've fully written you four thousand words (plus tea and dishes and a shower, but mostly just writing) since my comment. I just got on a roll ... and yeah...

An Evening to be Remembered indeed - one Sesha will never forget!

That starting sentence was great, though. In the end it was the whole story, pretty much!

I know you don't have time for comments since you have better things to be doing, but I wanted to post it (I've only read over it once, LOL) as soon as I could for you to read. Enjoy, and don't worry about commenting, because I can happily wait until you're back home again!

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I'll be reading this on our car ride today, but I won't have internet for a couple days. I'm sure I will enjoy it, though, I'm all excited!


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