My mom and I flew in from Pittsburgh last night, it was good to be home again, but I'm already missing everyone. I missed Jason and my pups terribly, but I was sad to leave, too.

We arrived on Tuesday, around two Eastern Time, and pretty much just hung out that first day. My sister's youngest, Kylee, has gotten so big in the last few months, but Jayda was still pretty much herself. We picked up some fast food and went to a park for dinner, and played a couple hands of cards (my family is all about card/board games). I think the highlight of Wednesday was our trip to the pool.

On Thursday we traveled about 200 miles down to York, PA, where my older sister Tammy lives with her three boys, Jordan, John, and Tyler. We braved the hottest day of our trip and all went to Gettysburg to visit the battle site. It wasn't anything like I had pictured, in my head it was a large open field. Instead there were a lot of monuments *everywhere*, you could have easily spent an entire day exploring. We went back to Tammy's that night for a barbeque and stayed up until one in the morning playing Cranium.

Friday we drove down to Hershey, PA, and visited the chocolate factory. That was pretty cool; Jayda loved it, as any kid would. We took a trolley ride around town, which was quite entertaining. If we would have had more time we would have stayed another day and went to Hershey Park, which looked like it had some amazing rides. It was back to Tammy's for one more night after that, Saturday we made the drive back to Pittsburg, pretty exhausted.

Sunday we were back in the car again and drove up to New Castle, PA (which killed me, because I used to live in New Castle, CO and both were pretty small towns) and went to the Living Treasures Animal Park. It was mostly a petting zoo, which Jayda loved. She got to feed livestock and animals, including zebras and kangaroos, and rode a camel with her mom. I was kind of nervous going, worried about what kind of habitats the animals would have, but it was pretty nice, I've heard of worse. Most of them had good exhibits, but the owners really should have stuck to the smaller animals. I felt bad for the big cats and bears, some of their cages were really small and mostly consisted of dirt and gravel.

Monday we were back on the plane. It was hard leaving Suz and the girls, but they'll be back to Salt Lake in about six weeks, so not too long.

I took a ton of pictures and I'll let you guys know when I post some over on deviant art.

Onto non-trip related news, I did get most of my challenge done for Skimble on the plane ride over to Pittsburgh. I'm hoping I'll get it typed and finished tonight so I can post it. Maybe I've broke through my writers block!

I don't know how busy I'll be in the next few days; now that I'm back I need to catch up on the job hunt front. I really need to find some work; Jason and I are kind of drowning over here. With Suz coming home it's also time to start searching for an apartment, and I'm a bit worried about what we are going to be able to afford...


With all that I’ll try to get the chance to go back through everyone’s posts in the last week and catch up with everyone. I’m dreading doing the same on deviant art…

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Wow, I think you had a busy trip! (Sounds a bit like my family, though, get a few of us in the one place and a card game will result. Especially if we're on holiday in a tent/caravan. But that's being Dutch and from a large extended family for you...) It's great you got to catch up with so much of your family in the one trip, though.

Did Jayda get to pat the roos? They're so amazingly soft to pat, it's really surprising.

My dad would be dying of jealousy over Gettysburg. :) (He's a little into military history.)

I'm crossing my fingers for some great good luck on the job-hunting front - hopefully you've brought loads of good luck home from the holiday with you!

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We had such a great time. Jayda didn't get to pet the kangaroos because she was too short to reach the only one close enough to the fence, which was laying down. I did though, and was ridiculously excited over it!

I'll keep you posted on the job hunt.

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Aw, there's plenty of petting zoos/farms here that have kangaroos wondering around loose, so you can go up to them and feed them and pat them. It's fabulous, they're so soft and cuddly, and some of your wallabies can be so gentle! You'll have to come here one day!

*crosses fingers tightly*

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I've got my fingers crossed for that trip just as tightly. It's on my list of things to do one of these days. We would have such a blast.


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