[Error: unknown template qotd]You know, this is the first time I've ever answered a "writer's block", but I'm calling bullshit. The whole idea of baseball playing vampires is wrong on so many levels to begin with...All I want to know (other than *how* they produce sperm) is if they hit the damn ball so hard that it sounds like thunder, why doesn't the bat break??

Screw picking a baseball player I'm calling Blade...

From: [identity profile] theskimblishone.livejournal.com

Because it's a magic bat, of course!

But they'd need a magic ball as well...

From: [identity profile] lilgryphon.livejournal.com

Well, it *is* fantasy, so I suppose anything can happen without explanation. *cough*

From: [identity profile] theskimblishone.livejournal.com

Robin Hobb is turning over in her grave right as we speak...

I hate that, the whole idea that anything can happen because magic is the rationale. NO!


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