I thought it was time to post an update, as it's been just about forever since I've really posted anything on here. Some days life is just a struggle, and it has been for me a lot lately, but I think I'm finally starting to pull out of it. Nothing is really fixed or changed, it's just that I'm resolved to the fact that I can only do what I can do, and focus on the things that I do have the power to change. So as I continue to fight to find work and worry over where exactly we are going to move to by October, I'm trying to swing a big part of my focus back to my writing, where it should be. When I write I'm happier with life, even when it isn't going so great.

With TE I've got another change in the works. It isn't anything new I'm just moving one of the plot points up a couple chapters (ok, more than a few). In doing so that means that I'm going to have to go back over the last three chapters I've posted and make some major changes and deletions. For anyone that actually follows it I have to apologize, because eleven and twelve in particular will have to be mostly scrapped and reworked in at a later time. It's a good change, because I've realized that with the rewrite Aidan and Cassandra's personalities have greatly changed, and so had the relationship between Cassandra and Bryan. Every time I tried to write the two of them together it just wasn't working because I was trying to write it the way that it was. Only Bryan seems to remain consistent with himself, take that as you will. I’m actually pretty excited about all this though, the rework is going to allow me to eliminate the dragging I feel like it was suffering from and I also think it will strengthen the ties between my POVs.

 Other things I’m working on include my latest challenge with Skimble. It’s still a slow process, but at least now I have an idea of where I am going with it. I’ve also got some mini challenges that she gave me that are in the works. One involving Bryan and Cassandra is almost done, hopefully I’ll be able to post it tomorrow or the following day. I’ve also started an insane piece that can only be described as Kennan’s very own crackfic…And I wrote some Newsies drabble the other day, who knows, I may post a fanfic yet!


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