So I've been spending the last couple days working on my website, which is what I get for going to the bookstore and finding another dog book. I'm not really complaining. I started Worldly Dogs when I used to work for a company that taught people how to build their own websites and it was a requirement for employees to have one. Now it's really become a hobby of mine that I can go months without working on, but once I start - look out! I love mixed breeds, and when the (horrid) day comes for me to get a new dog it will be another mutt, but the history of the individual breeds fascinates me. I added three new breeds in the last two days, the Boxer, Bullmastiff, and Irish Wolfhound


The Irish Wolfhound took me forever to finish because there was a lot of information out there for me to sift through regarding their history. I got stumped early when I kept coming across the information that these dogs were once used to hunt Irish Elk (or Giant Deer), and the name stuck out to me, I could have sworn I had heard it before. I have a lot of books and various sites I use to get my information, and almost all of them had this same 'fact'. So I pulled up Irish Elk on wiki, and then googled it - and I had recognized the species, apparently they have been extinct for over 7,000 years...And I got to wondering exactly how we would know that these dogs were used to take down a seven foot deer at the shoulders with HUGE antlers?? Don't get me wrong, these are large dogs, the tallest in the world, but really? Of course what it really comes down to is the fact that the earliest written record of the breed was around 300 A.D. and there is no proof to this fact. I felt funny leaving it out though, so I chalked it up to a legend and moved on.


I'm still trying to tie up Kennan's crackfic and I've started a bit on the new rewrite. I always get less done when Jason has his days off, but that's a good thing! :)

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