So I went down to get my badge for my new job today, and found out some more about the benefits I'll be getting - good insurance!! I'm so psyched, I haven't had insurance with a copay since I still lived at home...

Afterward I came home and settled down to do some work, I want to get the Swiss Mountain Dogs written up today before digging back into TE some more. I've also got a piece that pertains to Xvander I'm itching to get out. Well, I sat down, and the thing about working on Worldly Dogs is I need a lot of room for my books, but I've been dealing with the space I have for the last few days. Today I decided it was time to clean my desk, which is always cluttered because I've got bits of paper and print outs everywhere. No joke, I found five, five! different notebooks.

Most of it pertained to TE, some to Worldly Dogs, and I made another stack, not quite as large as the one for my own book that involves Vay, Sorano, Kalle (I'm ashamed to say I had completely forgotten him!) and all the rest of Skimble's characters. That's right, Skimble, they're taking over! I'm not complaining though, and now my desk is relatively clean and organized. Jason will be shocked when he wakes up...

I'm off to get some more work done. I managed to write up pages for all three Schnauzers yesterday (Standard, Giant, and Miniature), the Papillon/Phalene, and the Miniature Pinscher. Let’s see if I can get another five finished today…I've only got ten more days until I start work, and lots to get do!!

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I have to remember that everything's so different in the US, despite the fact that we mostly speak the same language. The idea of getting insurance from your employer just baffles me. (Egad, the socialism in Australia, it is the evil! *shakes head*) But I'm so glad for you, your job sounds increasingly great!

I has my own desk space? LOL, how could I be anything but supremely flattered?


You made a bad, bad mistake, my friend. Oh, yes, you did. You made the worst mistake in the history of the world, and left millions of innocent souls shivering in terror as their lives fall apart around them. You did something worse than release Shaitan from the Pit (or whatever RJ called it), worse than plucking that damn apple from the tree and condemning women to hundreds of years of being Man's scapegoats.

You mentioned Sorano, Vay and Kalle in the same sentence.

(A short, it must be short, damn it!) crackfic to come...

(Edit for grammar failure... *makes face*)

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Yes, when it comes to insurance it really sucks being over here. When I broke my ankle I was uninsured, I wasn't even working. 31,000 dollar surgery, thank you very much. Thank God I was on the train and even though they didn't legally have to the company chose to cover most of the bills for me.

And right now you do have your own desk space. Once I move again I'll probably just move it all over to a file with my writing. I thought about shredding the copies (you can never be to careful) but I may want to read them again in the future somewhere comfy instead of at my computer screen.

That was not a bad mistake, it was priceless!! I'm going to have to put more names together in the future.

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Shit, that's scary. At least I know that if I break my ankle anytime, anywhere, my tax (or people who are paying tax if you are not working, but you do jump through hoops while you're on unemployment benefits) will pay for any medical treatment I need. It's still better to go for private if you can afford it and want non-urgent stuff done within a decent time-frame, but at least you will be cared for, and not in debt. It's a comfort to know that if you need immediate/emergency treatment for anything, you'll get it.

I rarely print, but my paperwork ends up burnt in the wood fire, so shredding's never an issue for me...

My poor characters are trembling in fear wondering a) what names are going to be chosen and b) what their mad, insane creator is going to do with those names!

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It is incredibly scary, and one of the reasons I'm so glad I can finally see a doctor again when I need to. Imagine having a baby without insurance over here...

Alright, you asked for it, Keiyar and Andreij.

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Done and dusted. (Especially since Keiyar got left out of the first go around, it's really only fair. That only leaves Lash/Kireth for the major Ilmarin characters, and fuck, why did I even mention that...?)

I demand Kennan and Jack, thank you very much!

*evil snicker*

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I'll have you know I've dropped Kennan in a bar in California...I'm working on it, but it may be a couple days before I get it up for you.

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*swoons at the thought of Kennan in a Cali bar*

Hey, for that, I can wait forever! (Especially being that it's not hard to wait while you're in a dead faint...)

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I'm really hoping you don't have to wait forever. I wanted to finish it today, but I wasn't home much, and I'm going to be pretty busy tomorrow. Not to mention it looks like it's going to be a bit longer than I initially anticipated, but Gods, I have having so much fun with this!


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