You know, sometimes I have some freaky ass dreams and last night was one of them. I hate snakes like Bryan hates spiders (more than that, actually) so dreaming about them is always a bad thing. So apparently I had a cat that turned into a snake every few weeks while it was 'molting'. I know, makes zero sense, as our dreams so often do. Strange thing was, the snat/cake would still act like a cat while it was a snake and was really attached to me...and I was just as terrified of snakes in the dream as I am when I'm awake. For once I was glad to get up at five in the morning...I mean really, where the hell did that one come from?

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I don't like spiders, but I used to be kind of petrifed of them. So I had dreams - re-occuring ones, at that - of bright red giant spiders (think the size of a basketball, OMFG!) that used to follow me everywhere ... around the house, on the forty-minute drive to our Oma's old house, hanging around the walls and cielings everywhere I went in the dream...

Who knows where they come from? *shudders*

I bet your glad to be awake, now!

(BTW, your 'snat/cake' made me crack up something crazy...)

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That was the plan...snat wasn't funny enough and cake is generally a good thing!

Seriously this thing would sit up and beg as a snake (just like Miley), so I guess there was a bit of dog in there too..snaog?

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Does Rajala have any potential for made-up creatures, I wonder? Maybe your subconscious is telling you Rajala needs a cat-snake-dog hybrid running around...

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I will now be writing a crack fic where Asha has a little 'incident'. I'm doing it, don't think I won't, as soon as I finish up Kennan/Jack.

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I can just hear him freaking out, his speech is going to be full of contractions...

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Write, write, write! Please! NEED freaked-out Bryan with contractions!

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As a peace offering for having to shut up on *your* post, I give you this:

The long black snake was more terrifying than any spider; Bryan would rather take on a hundred (or at least a dozen) palm-sized spiders than deal with this.
*Asha, I need you, now, NOW!!*
His sending was nothing short of a high pitched scream as he backed away from the coiled snake and sent her the image of it ready to strike. Even mousers killed small reptiles, so he had faith that she could turn this one into a carcass in one pounce.

-I so need to figure out html for italics, it can't be that hard...

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And I should have added some spaces to that, but, eh, it's early.

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HTML for italics: < i >words here</ i> (remove spaces.) It's that easy!

Aw, Bryan scream-sending! I love it!

(Honest, I love the idea that one so powerful needs a kick-arse chick that's a Guardian to save him from something he probably has the power to deal with himself, it's brilliant...)

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Oh, he has the power, but crack Bryan that deals with spiders and snakes looses all ability to take care of himself. *nods* Kennan is going to < i >love</ i> this.

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Just remove the spaces from the brackets, and then the coding will work.

Oh, please, tell me Kennan discovers this...

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He's going to have to, because Bryan isn't going to want to get near Asha with a ten foot pole after I'm finished. The description of Guardian!snat is going to be priceless.


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