You know, I don't usually use my lj for fact I don't think I ever have, but I just had to get this off my chest so I could get some damn sleep.

I went over to my mom's tonight for a game of cards and my younger stepbrother was there with his girlfriend. They live with her parents and were complaining about their dog because  males want to come after her 'even when she’s not in heat'. My first thought is WTF! My response? You should really get her spayed; but they don't want to do that. No, they want to breed her 'because the family could really use the money'. It was all I could do to not go completely off on them. This dog is a Cocker Spaniel that they got from their grandmother that is inbred and they actually described it as 'retarded'. I explained to them that Cockers are one of the worst breeds for genetic diseases and that it should be tested before it was bred. She tells me 'It's had its shots'. *headdesk headdesk headdesk* That isn't the same thing, idiot! I didn't even get into all the poor dogs that die everyday in the shelter because no one wants them; or the fact that if you are a responsible breeder you don't make a damn profit. I was seething, I still am. I hate idiots that want to breed dogs for money and it disgusts me that I there are so many in my family that do so or want to. I’ve got a sister that thinks I should be excited every time she breeds her cross-eyed Shih Tzu and my mother-in-law is dying to have a litter of Chihuahuas – which almost always requires a C-section.


You want a purebred? Research it and buy one from a responsible breeder if you must, but damn it would make me happier if more people would just use Petfinder.

If you read all that, give yourself a cookie.


From: [identity profile]

Here in Australia at the moment there's actually a competition for Australia's best mongrel/mutt, LOL!

A friend kept his dog entire just so a friend of his could try and mate them. Meanwhile said dog had all sorts of issues that would have been made easier to deal with without raging hormones, LOL. ASIDE from the fact that this dog's neurotic personality made it a really, really bad choice as a sire in the first place. (I'm not altogether sure that this animal should even be alive in the first place, as brutal as it sounds...)

There is a huge, huge difference between animals, even purebreeds, that are companions and pets and those that are breeding stock, even in the hands of a professional...

I can't do anything but headdesk along with you, but I'll have a cookie, thanks! ;)


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