So I don't have anything new to post, but I am still working away. I've reached the part in TE that I knew was going to be difficult. I need to start explaining certain aspects of Mages/Rajala in general, and it can be hard to do without becoming overwhelming for the reader. This is also where the largest rewrite of the actual plot takes place.

I actually sat down yesterday and wrote, gasp, an outline. I don't generally do that, as I tend to piece everything together when the time comes, but it needed to be done. Things are going along about where I had them figured, so that was good. I've been working through the next 5-6 chapters, just a rough draft, as there are some parts that I am unsure which POV I'm going to put them in. Once I've got the main chunk of them written I'll go back and edit chapter ten so that it will be ready for posting.

On another completely unrelated note, Jason has found another job. He's now doing security and spa work, and working his butt off. I feel so bad, especially when I'm still struggling to find anything. *sigh* All I can do is what I can do, and I just keep plugging along. I always wanted to stay home and write, but this isn't exactly how I had it figured.



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