So much that it should be illegal! I've been bad the last few days, as in I haven't been able to spend much time online or writing because when I have been home I've either been asleep or my brain was just fried and unable to compute. Some of my very close friends were in town for Pride this weekend and we got to hang out, but the hours were a bit odd for me.

On Saturday we went clubbing, which was the first time I've ever really went other then when we went to a dance/bar in Texas with my older sisters. For the record, I've been 21 for longer than I'd like to admit, but yeah, never really had the desire for the party scene. Mike and Jared's time was limited, though, and I really wanted to spend as much of it with them as possible. Jason had to work, so I dragged my friend Liz with me and we met them downtown.

This place was packed, four stories, and we had to wait around 45 minutes just to get inside. Females were outnumbered at least 40:1, and I am not kidding. I loved it though, because there wasn't a straight man in the place. I always have this fear of men getting drunk and hitting on me - not that I generally have to worry about getting hit on.

We had  a ton of fun, and also was reminded of what a small world this is. I have known Liz, Mike, and Jared for a very long time, but Liz had never met them before because they live in southern Utah and I've known her since high school. So here is the crazy thing, when Mike told me he was coming up he was all excited because he was going to see this couple he hasn't seen in years, Sally and Dani. He mentions them in passing last night, and Liz is like - who? Turns out, Sally is her sister-in-law. Small world, huh? I got the chance to meet both Sally and Dani this morning at breakfast this morning, and they seem really great. So now I have new friends to hang out with my old friends!

I did spend some time tonight working on my chapters, but it is a slow process. A lot is happening, I'm trying to piece it all together and make it flow right. At this point it looks like I'm going to be writing about 5 chapters before I will be able to settle on any type of finalization with them.


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