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( Jun. 14th, 2009 03:12 am)

I really need a better name for this piece. I hope you don't mind these aren't really edited, I doubt I'll ever spend that kind of time on them. Here's another small entry, I thought I'd give you something light in exchange for chapter 10.  I'll probably have to write the conclusion tomorrow just so I can move onto something else.  I'm off for bed...

            Jack made it as far as his truck, feeling a little ill and wishing for a shower. He got in, slammed the door shut and was trying to decide if he should actually be driving when a monotone ringing started coming from his glove box.

            If that’s Shawn I swear to God I’m leaving for California.

            He reached over, twisted open the latch and pulled out his cell. David’s name was displayed on the screen, and Jack realized he had never wanted to be with him more than he did in that moment.

            Fumbling with the buttons he pressed send to connect the call, “Dave?” his voice was hollow, even to his own ears.

            “Jack!” David was clearly too excited to have heard the distress in his tone, “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all night, don’t you ever carry your phone?”

            “Sorry, you weren’t the only one,” he was starting to resolve that maybe he should start carrying the damn thing.

            This time around David caught the distress, “Shawn mentioned he’d been calling. Aren’t you home yet?”



            “I’m in the parking lot.”

            “I knew something was wrong when I talked to Shawn earlier, he was pretty upset. Spill it, Jack, or I swear I’m going to put you both on three way and you can hash it out over the phone.”

            Jack rolled his eyes, “It was just a stupid fight.”

            “Then why are you still outside?”

            Good question, Dave. “Because things are getting too complicated, maybe we moved to fast. You know how bad I wanted this to work, but it just – isn’t.”

            “Shit, Jack, seriously?”

            “Yeah,” he paused; he hated talking to anyone about this, even if it was David. “I mean things have been stressful, we’re both busy all the time, and I can handle that but – it’s Shawn, he’s turned into a complete closet case.” Jack waited, and began to wonder if the call had dropped, “Dave?”

            “Sorry, it’s just – I can’t say I’m exactly surprised. I had assumed it wasn’t an issue because you hadn’t mentioned it. I thought maybe the two of you had just worked through it.”

            “Worked through what?”

            “Honestly, you can be so dense. How many people, not counting roommates, know that Shawn is gay?”

            “I dunno, I’ve never really thought about it –”

            “Clearly. He told us and the other guys, but Shawn’s never really been out. He’s dated maybe twice, not counting you. His parents still don’t know, and I don’t know if they ever will. I can’t believe you have never noticed, I thought the two of you had talked about stuff like this, even before you were together.”

            If he had felt ill earlier Jack was now completely nauseous, “He was always so private about men, I just never pressed him. Obviously I didn’t want to play the ‘who have you been with’ game after we were dating, so I didn’t ask.”

            David snorted, “He’s lived with you for almost five years; I think Shawn knows your history.”

            Jack’s stomach continued to churn after every exchange, “Do you know why?” This was one of those things that made him feel like a fish out of water when he should be swimming in it. Jack had never really been in the closet, he’d told David he was gay when he was fourteen, maybe a month after he’d pieced it together himself. The entire concept had always seemed a little absurd to him, you were who you were and hiding from it didn’t make it go away.

            “I haven’t a clue, because it’s Shawn, and he doesn’t talk about it.”

            And now he needed to talk about it, and Jack was sitting in his truck after making this about him – when it really wasn’t. If he had just gone to Shawn when all this first started it wouldn’t have turned into the raging storm it was now. “I’m an idiot, Dave.”

            Another pause, and then honesty, “Yeah, you can be. Get back in your apartment, will you?”

            “I’m opening the door to my truck right now,” he told him, reaching for the handle, “What’d you want anyway?”

            “Nothing important, just go find Shawn and call me in the morning.” David ended the call as Jack headed back across the parking lot.




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