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More SNORTING!!!! Ugh, I haven't laughed this much in ages, seriously... *glomp-hugs* That's just hysterical

Oh, I love, love, LOVE the parrot one. I can really see Sesha as the parrot and Sorano as the cat, OMG... (Those biscuits were probably not a good idea, do you think...)

I've got to now upload a new avatar I made. It's a comment Sesha makes to Jhari later on about boy bands...

Oh, and did you ask Sesha? ;D

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I'm thinking of making that first one my 'giddy' avatar. I had the idea for it and had to go back upstairs to make it. Forgive me for the no me picture, I wasn't getting my camera card out...

That's my Zephyr (parrot) and Cassie, no relation to Cassandra, mind you.

I hope Sesha doesn't mind too much, that quote is all his...

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Ooooh, do it! That'd be the cutest crazy avatar, and I totally don't blame you for making it! (Hey, more pics can wait for our next night/dawn of craziness...)

On a slightly more serious note, Zephyr really is pretty, and Cassie looks so cute and snuggly, how can you not love her? What kind of a parrot is Zephyr, BTW? I know very little about birds...

Sesha doesn't mind at all, he's way too chuffed over becoming famous on the internet! ;D

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OMG, can't breathe...avatar...OMG!!

I'll make it, as long as you don't mind me stealing your, I mean, Sesha's quote.

Zephyr is a peach fronted conure, the most gorgeous bird ever. He's my baby, seriously. Sometimes he'll just start chattering away and he won't stop until I'm the one that pays attention to him. And Cassie is the best cat I've ever had (don't tell the others) I swear she thinks she's half dog. She even comes when you call her.

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Wait until you read the letter, written by Sesha, that line comes from. Too bad I'm going to make you wait, I can't really post it for a while yet!(Jhari is Sorano's boyfriend and likes boy bands, you see, which is SO much fun...)

Sesha proudly hands it to you, with the hope it will take over LJ, and then the internet, and then the WORLD!

I've never heard of a conure, I'll have to wikipaedia it. Zephyr is gorgeous, though (did I say he has a cool name, before?) and aw, that sounds so sweet. We've only had budgies that weren't all that personable, so to strike up a real relationship with a bird must be just wonderful...

(Oh, wait, I lie. I had a Pecan duck for four years, called Houdini. *misses him* But that wasn't the kind of bird I was thinking of...)

Oh, wow! Our cat, Tiger, is all cat - I mean, god. He'll come when you call him, when he decides he wants to come over, and only then! Cassie must be so sweet!

*holds fingers to lips and swears to secrecy*

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We must make coherent pet posts tomorrow...I should warn you I stopped rereading my posts some time ago...If spell check doesn't catch it...oh well!!

'Uh, what are we going to do tonight, Sesha?'
'The same thing we do ever night, try to take over the world.'

Now I REALLY want to meet Jhari!!

Zephyr is so much fun, a lot of work, but fun! You have to love your pets...even if they are a bit slow, we'll get to Savil tomorrow...

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Rereading posts? What's that? I haven't been doing it for a very long time, and I know there's missing spaces here and there...

I swear, at times I almost think Sesha deserves his own story. One day I might have to give it to him, but something comical, of course...

But then again, so does Jhari. *grins* It'll be a little while before you really get to meet him, but it's so worth the wait, I promise!

Yeah, pets are a lot of work, but so worth it! And the reward is just immense and wonderful, how could you complain?

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I would love a Sesha story, that would be freaking awesome.

Pets are totally worth it, I couldn't imagine my life without them.

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I think it'd be a bit of an empty life without an animal to cuddle up with, a friend to welcome you when you come home... Nah, I love our animals way too much!

I think I'm going to have to see if I can come up with a Sesha story, even if only a short one. He deserves it, and besides, I just want to make you laugh! ;D

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I love my babies, especially my dogs, I could not live without one of them to greet me when I come home.

I would really, really love a Sesha story. I'm feeling the need to post something right now, just 'cause...

From: [identity profile]

It'd be so wrong to come home to a house without an animal waiting to say hello...

Oh? Post?

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Yeah, I'm feeling all torn, I think I *might* give you a tiny piece more of It's Jack - that is so it's title now. But it's still relatively small...Depends on if I can clear my thoughts enough to read over it one more time. The giddiness is starting to wear of slightly...

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All good things come to an end, sadly! Even giddiness!

I'm actually going to have to go to bed, 10:30 PM is quite late for me and my feet are freezing, I need to get under the covers and warm them up. So I'll look for your post in the morning, I think, no matter how small!

Thank you so much for a great evening chatting, I had an asbolute freaking blast, you know that?


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I just started typing this and started with 'reply' Gods if I know why. I think it may be time for me to bow out, too, as much I was enjoying this. Who knows, we may have a repeat tomorrow. Jason works again and I'm sure I won't get up until after noon...

I think I'll wait and make that post in the morining anyway, or when I get up. Who knows I may be able to finish 'It's Jack'. You know I'm going to have to fit that line in at least once more...

This was the most fun I've had in a very long time. It was a blast, such a shame we are so far apart. *sigh*

Huge, huge, hugs back!!

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The craziness gets to you eventually, even to us...

Have a good night's sleep, and I'll probably be around tomorrow night my time, so yay, we can have fun! *evil eyes*

Ooooh, I'll have something to look forward to tomorrow, then. Awesome! I'll see if I can't get you some more Sorano at the very least...

"It's Jack!" Complete with exclamation mark, of course!

Oh, believe me, I haven't cracked up this much since getting back from holidays, so it was awesome. Just think, the world would fall apart if we actually did all this in person, it couldn't handle the shock...

Now our comments are unreadable, let's bow out having conquered LJ! *snickers*

Good morning to you, and good night to me!


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I was just going to say, I thought we were bowing out?? You have a good night, too. I'm sure I'll be online, I'm getting really close to chapter 10 being ready to post.

World stops turning thanks to fits of giggles. This was so much fun. Must do it more often.

We broke LJ. ROFL (Not like I haven't been doing that all night.)

Yes, good night, good day!


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