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Yay, pet pics!!

Pups first -

This is Miley, my terrier mix. She's the oldest of our dogs, she'll be 12 in July. My total baby, she follows me around everywhere, even though she can't see anymore. Poor thing lost her eye due to an injury a few years ago and then lost sight in the other right after I broke my ankle last year. The cutest thing she does is sit up on her hind legs and "beg", I didn't teach her that, but it's the only trick she knows. She also really likes MLP, I'm not joking....

This is Sprite, our American Eskimo. He's a daddy's boy that loves to go, go, go. He's getting up there in years now, too, around 10-11. We adopted him from the pound so I really don't know his age. Note the red dirt covering his body in the picture. He had just gotten back from the groomers and decided it was time to get dirty again. He loves it when we are camping, hiking, or boating, his new thing is to ride on the front of the kayak with Jason.

Here's Ari, our JRT, she's a bit of a tubby, enough so that her nickname is Piggy. She is the biggest character of our bunch, and the youngest at about 8 years. She was headed to the pound (notice a trend here) because her owners could no longer keep her. She was 'illbred' as the vet calls it, her legs actually don't bend very well - and she can't jump, which is really crazy for a Jack. She can also be very noisy, when I come home she likes to and makes these bark/howls, which I call her 'woes'. I could swear she is trying to tell you how horrible her day was because you left her behind.

Onto my kitties -

This is Savil, who we found in a park in the mountains when she was about four months old and Jason and I were first married. She's a little slow, shall we say, clearly not 'all there'. When we found her she had already been spayed and the fur had grown back on her belly. The vet thinks it may have been a botched operation, her back legs are a little bowed and she walks funny. She's highly independent, but enjoys the company of other cats, if there aren't any others in the household she seems to go into a depression. Which brings us to Cassie...

Her eyes are a little funky in this pic, but I thought you would enjoy the books. Dean Koontz is one of Jason's favorite authors. Cassie is the only one of our dog/cats that we made a concious decision to add to our household. We had lost my beloved male cat, Vanyel - which is another story all together - and he had been Savil's "baby". A friend of mine had a cat that recently had kittens after we lost him, and although I wasn't ready for a new one Savil had become so withdrawn that I felt the need to do something, that something worked, and she is very close with Cassie. For a cat that I didn't want she wormed her way right into my heart...Between her, Miley, and Ari, I've always got company in bed, even if Jason isn't home. She loves the dogs and does this cute little 'merow' when you call her name and then comes running.

This is Phil, he's my sister's cat, but as we are house sitting for her though the summer he's staying with us. He has the most georgous marble markings on his sides. He and Cassie are 'adjusting', it's a slow process...

And last, the feathered ones -

This is Kuzco, another daddy's boy. Because of the abuse before we got him he has never really came out of his shell. He lets both of us pet him, but he's very nervous around strangers and doesn't like to be taken out of his cage. He'll come and go on his own terms, and love to be petted, just from the sanctuary of his (huge) cage. Kuzco does like to lift his crest when he's happy and lets out a sound that is close to a hiss and bobs his head, it's pretty cute.

And Zephyr, who I rattled on about last night. He loves to play, and has this habbit of climbing into his food bag when it's feeding time, highly supervized, of course. I was trying to teach him 'Mama', but I'm thinking his next words needs to be boy band instead...


From: [identity profile]

OMG - I can't tell you how much Phil's face looks like the face of our cat, Tiger. Admittedly they're both tabby, but the shape of the markings is so similar, I nearly did a double-take when I saw him! (Like, what's my cat doing in your photo...?)

Please, please, PLEASE, teach Zephyr to say 'boy band'. My sanity depends on this, you realise? ;) *dies from laughter*

Aw, you're a real rescue home, aren't you? Those poor animals, I'm so glad they found a loving home. Older pets especially aren't always easy to rehome - and I have to say, I love our older animals. Tiger's fifteen years old, sixteen in July, and Toby is ten. They're so loving and loyal.

Sprite is gorgeous! I've never heard of an American Eskimo before, but his coat is such a lovely colour. He sounds like Toby, he loves any outdoors pursuit that means he's with us and not left behind...

Miley looks like such a sweetheart!

Poor Ari! I've never met a Jackie or Jackie cross that hasn't jumped! But OMG, what you describe is kind of like Toby in reverse, he gives the most pitiful whines when you leave the house, it's heart-renching, the whole 'poor dog out in the cold' routine. And when you come home, he shivers, his whole body shakes, as if to tell you he's been so unloved and abused! (We know for a fact that after we leave he curls up in his kennel - or usually in his beanbag inside the house - and is as content as anything, however...)

Oh, wow, Savil is such a gorgeous deep black! Beautiful!

LOL, is there competition for who's closest to you in bed? Our animals fight little silent wars over us to see who gets our laps on the couch...

Aw, Kuzco's sweet! Poor baby. I'm so glad that all these animals have found loving homes with you guys, though, it's awesome. I bet they thank their gods at night they've found you!

Tomorrow I'll post pics of mine ... and Houdini as well, if I can find his photos to scan...

From: [identity profile]

I'm so going to try and teach Zeph boy band, it may never happen, though. He seems to only pick up on things that are said ALL the time. I may drive Jason crazy walking around saying boy band constantly. It'd be so worth it, though....

American Eskimos are more of a US breed, I *think* they are in Canada, too. They are almost identical to the Japanese Spitz, which is more popular just about everywhere else in the world. Ironically there is no relation between the two breeds. There's your useless dog trivia. I'm full of that stuff.

'poor dog out in the cold routine' Mine all do that! LOL It's gotten worse since I haven't been working. They act like I've been gone for days even if I just ran to the grocery store.

I think I took about 20 pictures of Savil that day to get that shot...

They don't compete for the bed, more like they've just figured out who's spot is where. Miley sleeps next to my head, she used to have her own pillow when it was just me and she seems to just share mine. Ari sleeps right next to the small of my back or my stomach, depends on which way I'm laying and Cassie will lay next to one of the two, normally Mi.

I love rescuing pets, I can't see the point in paying for a dog when there are so much out there that need homes. The next dog I get (and no rush, because I'd have to loose one to get one - and that day I will be a complete wreck) will be adopted just like the rest.

Can't wait to see pics.


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