Alright, here's my customs, Skimble. I feel like it's Show and Tell.

These are my cat customs, that I'm insanely proud of. Left to right, Amur the Leopard, Java the Tiger, Barbary the Lion, Onca the Jaguar, Fire Tiger, and Cougar (Yeah I ran out of names on that one).

The first four here are my element customs, Dryad (earth), Salamander (fire), Undine (water), Slyph (air). The next one was my first customs and its never had a name, and the last is Fire 'n Ice, the idea for her came from the blue flame in the Zelda series, she was my second custom.

All of these guys are from my swaps, except for the dalmation in the middle on the top row. Lets see, the dog was made by Aeracura, Kuzco was made by Talismar, Spot Conlon from Newsies was done my Juliejtt, LilGryphon was done by Elf Pony, and the Kelpie (merpony) was made by Firefeliness.

And here is the painting Jason had done of my avatar. Sorry for the glare, lack of light and all that...



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