My mom and I flew in from Pittsburgh last night, it was good to be home again, but I'm already missing everyone. I missed Jason and my pups terribly, but I was sad to leave, too.

Our Trip )

Onto non-trip related news, I did get most of my challenge done for Skimble on the plane ride over to Pittsburgh. I'm hoping I'll get it typed and finished tonight so I can post it. Maybe I've broke through my writers block!

I don't know how busy I'll be in the next few days; now that I'm back I need to catch up on the job hunt front. I really need to find some work; Jason and I are kind of drowning over here. With Suz coming home it's also time to start searching for an apartment, and I'm a bit worried about what we are going to be able to afford...


With all that I’ll try to get the chance to go back through everyone’s posts in the last week and catch up with everyone. I’m dreading doing the same on deviant art…

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( May. 15th, 2009 10:32 pm)
So I've been home for a few days, and been trying to catch up on things, mostly over on my deviantart account. I've been trying to wade though around 500 pictures, which you can imagine has been very time consuming. I'm still not working though, so at least I've had time to accomplish a bit.

The trip was awesome, we drove up through Idaho and spent our first night in Oregon, along with most of the following days (although one night was in Washington simply because we had crossed the Columbia River). Unfortunately we had a lot of rain the first few days, and not just the normal Oregon drizzle, we also got caught in a few downpours. Some highlights of Oregon were the Multnomah Falls and the Sea Lion Caves. I also loved the picturesque Oregon Sand Dunes. I used to visit Sand Dunes a lot in Utah when I was a kid, but never near a body of water before!

After Oregon we moved on to California and had an amazing campsite overlooking the ocean.  We also visited the Redwood Forest, but it was so overcast that day that none of my pictures turned out that great.

The end of our trip had us drive through northern Nevada, which was pretty uneventful. We did stop at the "Shoe Tree" which was interesting to say the least, I'll be adding those pictures up to my account probably tomorrow.

Although it was fun, it was great to get home. I really missed my husband and our babies. Miley and Ari have hardly left me alone since I've been back. Today I've been spending a lot of time writing, and of course, on a new project. I'll post the beginning after I get this up.

I think that brings everything back to up to date, lets see if I can do better at keeping it that way.



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